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Le Cinéma La Clef is a historic independent art-house movie theater promoting alternative and engaged movies to a large audience. Maurice Frankfurter opened the movie theater in 1969, it was then sold in 1981 to the work council of the Caisse d'épargne. La Clef is part of the Independant Parisian Movie Theaters network that contributes to the cultural diversity of Paris. Since it closed the 15th April 2018, Collectif À La Clef undertook the acquisition of the location to continue the activity of this iconic theater while diversifying and modernising its activities.

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La Clef promotes diversity in culture.

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The 2 people leading Collectif À La Clef are experts in independant cinema, they are truly engaged in art and essay. Nicolas was programmer in the movie theater from 2010 until it closed, he graduated from Femis. Dounia Baba-Aissa graduated from an audiovisual production master and from a cultural mediation master, she was a programmer at La Clef from 2016 to 2018.


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Fundraising goal
900,000 €
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900,000 €

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