Foncière Solidaire Léopold Bellan

  • Good health & well being
  • Reduced inequality
  • Sustainable cities and communities
Impact category Sustainable real estate
Degree of maturity
Amount collected : 14,500.00 €
Fundraising goal
200,000 €
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The Léopold Bellan Foundation is a major player in the health, social & medico-social sectors. A non-profit institution, it now has extensive experience in the management of institutions for the care of vulnerable people. The Foundation manages 67 medical and social establishments throughout the greater Paris area, the Hauts de France and the Centre Val-de-Loire. Created in 2012, Foncière Solidaire Léopold Bellan is the vehicle that allows the Foundation to acquire and renovate establishments. It's activity reinforces the mission of the Fondation; care and accommodation of elderly or disabled people who do not have access to the solutions proposed by the private lucrative actors in the sector.

The first project developed by Foncière Solidaire concerns an EHPAD fully qualified for social assistance and a social residence for the elderly also called RSS in the municipality of Tours on the site of the Great Bretèche, the mother house of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters. Wishing to entrust the realization and management of it to a third party, the Congregation launched a double call for applications. Declared the winners of these two consultations, Foncière Solidaire Léopold Bellan became the investor in the operation and the Fondation Léopold Bellan the manager of the establishments.

Foncière Solidaire Léopold Bellan is now calling on your savings to finance this project. Support its medical and social mission for the most vulnerable populations by becoming shareholder !

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2b06202166a37678e5dda183ed46fad3 Jean-Luc RITEAU CEO
39542dac2b519c31c91fbd9d0e5423de Matthieu LAINE Deputy CEO
4213cd19041152d6955bcb878706ff87 Régis CAUDARD Assistant CEO


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46 Jobs created or secured


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Thierry P

Enfin des investissements en EHPAD sans but lucratif. Solidaire et entrepreneur.

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Regulatory information document

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Dossier d'investissement

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PV - Décisions du gérant

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Rapport d'activités 2018 - Fondation Léopold Bellan

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Fundraising goal
200,000 €
Min. amount.

100,000 €

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300,000 €

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500.00 €


100,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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