Le Drenche


  • Peace, justice and effective institutions
  • Partnerships to achieve goals
Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 84 270.00


Le Drenche is a press company, which publishes an innovative and participative newspaper, Le Drenche, in paper (monthly) and digital formats. It is a bi-media, non-partisan newspaper that offers a unique format for debate. For each subject dealt with, the newspaper systematically opposes 2 forums: one "For" and one "Against". This approach eliminates access bias and encourages the creation of an informed opinion. The organisation proposes concrete actions to promote civic engagement, organises debates and events and has set up an open drafting committee. The Drenche has the status of a company with solidarity as a news media as well as the ESUS label. The company has a strong online presence (ledrenche.fr) and has a free paper version of 60,000 copies, distributed mainly in universities and grandes écoles in Ile de France. After 2 years of existence and a proven initial interest, Le Drenche is now looking for funding to develop its mobile version, increase the number of annual copies and launch its subscription offer.


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€ 84 270
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