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  • Health
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  • Social housing
  • Aging well
  • Reduced inequality
  • Sustainable cities and communities
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As people with Alzheimer's disease lose their autonomy making them already very vulnerable, their placement in a retirement home, although often necessary, can further destabilize them.  With the objective of maintaining these people in dignity and in a familiar environment ISA (Immobilier Solidaire et Associatif) develops real estate projects in the form of inclusive housing, to preserve and develop social cohesion and fight against isolation. Its first project with the association La Maison des Sages offers innovative housing option complete with a permanent support service for people with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder. This co-living concept can accommodate 8 people in the same adapted house, located in the heart of their district or village, with the presence of life assistants 24 hours a day.  ISA, which is the structure managing the acquisition of property, wishes to establish a second house in Les Loges en Josas before spreading these shared houses in the west of Paris and then throughout the rest of metropolitan France.

In order to acquire more properties and strengthen France’s social net, ISA needs you!


The housemates dinner at the Buc House

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ISA : 1 employee and 1 volunteer

La Maison des Sages : 2 co-founders

Frédéric Boudet, co-founder of ISA, is in charge of the fundraising, the financials, the real estate operations and the business plan. With an academic baggage in management, finance and accounting, he was in charge of the financial management of social housing for more than 10 years. Alice Moll-Boucherel, the other co-founder, is in charge of setting up real estate operations, works for  ISA on a voluntary basis. She is currently Director of the Ile-de-France agency at Anthélios, a real estate developer. In 2013, Alexandre Schmitt co-founded the "La Maison des Sages" project and has since been in charge of support and HR. A founding member of France Alzheimer Paris, he was director, for 11 years, of the professional training organization Alzheimer Formation following studies in psychology and management. The ISA team is complemented by volunteers who are experts in their field (construction, public works, departmental management). For its part, the association la Maison des Sages can count on many companions, doctors, therapists and volunteers who provide support for the roommates.

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Long term impact

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8 Jobs created or secured

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8Personnes atteintes d'Alzheimer en colocation adapté

à 1 an après la levée de fonds

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300,000 €
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