Le Drenche


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  • Reduced inequality
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Le Drenche is the 1st media for 18-35 year old in France dedicated to social debates and promoting citizen commitment! Born in 2015 from the observation that it is difficult to have a clear opinion on current issues, Le Drenche seeks to promote factual, clear and plural information that is independent and open to all. Its thematic articles systematically set two opposing views against each other: the "pros" and the "cons", an innovative editorial methodology. A partnership with Ouest France for the circulation of the newspaper gives Le Drenche an important visibility and credibility. Thanks to its good management, the newspaper is now economically balanced and now wishes to develop its presence in France and its digital content offer. Le Drenche's vision is to remain the leading media for 18-35 year olds and to extend its influence more widely.

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€ 399 966.56
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