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Founded in 2011 by two young entrepreneurs passionate about food culture, Bioburger aims to change the codes of fast food and especially to promote and democratize organic farming in a different way thanks to a dish loved by all: the hamburger. Bioburger is, since its creation, the only 100% organic fast-food chain specializing in gourmet burgers for carnivores and vegetarians. Defending similar values to develop and democratize organic agriculture, the Biocoop cooperative will be approaching Bioburger in 2018 and will become a minority shareholder. Developed as a franchise since 2017, the Bioburger brand currently has 8 restaurants in operation (4 owned and 4 franchises) located in Paris, La Défense and Nantes. And the next opening is planned in Bordeaux! The investments will be necessary to 1/ open new own restaurants and franchises, 2/ support the head of the network which will be profitable in 2021, and 3/ promote the brand (marketing and communication). Bioburger aims to open 30 restaurants by the end of 2022, 80% of which will be franchises and the rest branches.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to accompany Bioburger in its continued expansion and actively participate in the democratization of organic agriculture in France!

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170 employees in 4 branches and 4 franchises

As classmates, it was at school that Louis Frack and Anthony Darré first came up with the idea of creating Bioburger, as the offer of street food and especially burgers was very limited at the time. At the end of their studies, the decision was made: they renovated a former Asian restaurant from floor to ceiling and opened their first point of sale in July 2011. It will be located in Choiseul in the heart of Paris. They are on all fronts and are working tirelessly on restaurant processes, logistics, and the profitability of each establishment in order to make them autonomous. A successful gamble! Today, Louis Frack is in charge of the development of the brand, administrative, financial and legal issues. Anthony Darré is in charge of the operational supervision of the company, product development and purchasing.

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190 Jobs created or secured

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30000menus végétariens consommés à la place de menus standards

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300,000 €
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300,000 €

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300,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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