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Virón combines Parisian design with innovative materials to create stylish, and eco-friendly shoes. The vision of the brand is to disrupt the footwear industry and become the market leader for sustainable boots - together with you!

Virón was founded in 2020 - Ever since, the brand has received significant hype in the fashion industry and showed constant growth. Virón managed to constantly enlarge their fanbase, sold over 35,000 pairs, gained placements in prestigious stores worldwide and has been worn by celebrities like Lewis Hamilton, Kanye West, or Angèle. In the fiscal year 2023-24, the company achieved a revenue of €1.5m and in January ’23 successfully secured an initial seed-funding of €825.000 from various business angels. Now, Virón is raising more funds to fuel further growth and its impact on the fashion industry. The funds will be used for the development of new designs, continued sustainable product innovation and for opening a store in Paris. Combined, these efforts will boost brand awareness, support growth, and enable Virón to challenge the currently dominating boot brands.

Committed to changing the industry with their community, Virón is fundraising with to co-create value and grow together with you, whilst giving you a say in the brands future.

To support these objectives, Virón is seeking funding in the range of €400.000 and €600.000 in equity, as part of a total fundraising round between €600.000 and €1m, supplemented by contributions from existing investors.

Invest and become part of Virón today - a brand set to disrupt the footwear industry.

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1 founder and 6 employees

Ever since founding in 2020, Virón is led by Julian Romer, who founded the company with the vision of creating his own footwear label creating design and sustainability driven shoes, accessible at an affordable price-point. Ever since, he is surrounded by a young, driven and motivated team amplifying his drive and passion in working towards becoming the biggest sustainable boot brand. The team consists of experts in their sectors and supports the realisation of the strategic brand vision.

Julian Romer
Luca Endress
Operations & CSR
Jun Chen
Gabriel Adams Lacroix
Admin & Finance
Linnea Skoglösa
Art director
Alicia Valdes Selbach


The footwear industry faces significant environmental and social challenges.

Environmentally, the materials used are a major issue, whether it's concerns from animal farming for leather, excessive water usage for creating bio-based fibers, or petroleum for synthetics. Each material results in environmental harm. With 34 million pairs produced daily, each emitting 14 kg CO2e, the sector's annual carbon footprint is estimated at 174 million tons of CO2 (source: "Under the Shoe, the Footprint," Louise Robin, CERAS 2018).

Socially, footwear is often linked to low-cost production resulting in poor working conditions and wages below a living wage for the workers.

And while some companies are already trying to adopt sustainable practices, design-wise they typically focus on basic designs like the “typical white sneaker” rather than contemporary styles.

Therefore, customers seeking stylish and sustainable footwear often struggle to find suitable options.


Virón was founded to deliver customers a sustainable, yet also contemporarily designed shoe, without having to feel bad about them because of their environmental and social impact.

To minimize the environmental impact, Virón uses vegan materials only. And in addition, all materials used - from Upper, to Sole, to the smallest details as Eyelets — are recycled to further reduce their impact.
All shoes are produced in Portugal, near the key Western European markets, to reduce transportation emissions. In addition, it ensures the ability to regularly visit production sites, to safeguard workers' rights, fair treatment, and fair wages.

Finally, Virón makes sure that the shoes are not only sustainable, but also good-looking through their design philosophy - oriented at the young counterculture and the specific desires of their close-knit community.

Economic model

Boots serve as the flagship product of Virón, constituting 70% of its revenue. The brand has progressively expanded its offerings with sneakers, casual, and classic shoes such as loafers and derbies to meet customer demand and reduce the seasonality of its boot-based business model.

Virón releases two collections per year: one for spring/summer and the other for autumn/winter. Last year, the company reduced the number of models per collection to ensure coherent storytelling and a cohesive set of products in terms of style and colors. Virón has a multi-channel distribution strategy to diversify revenue. Wholesale accounts for 50% of revenue, generating sales and supporting international recognition. Their social-media-fueled online store drives about 45% of revenue, with key markets in France, Germany, and the United States.

The primary objective for the next five years is to grow D2C revenues from their online channel to 50% by 2028-29. In 2024, Virón will enhance brand awareness and channel diversification with pop-up stores in key markets. In 2025, they plan to launch their first physical store in Paris, anticipating physical sales to generate up to 15-20% of revenue by 2029.

Long term impact

- Sustainability: Virón is committed to continuing its innovation on the product, with a focus on environmental respect. To achieve this, the company plans to closely monitor innovations in the bio-based material market to elevate the product and its durability, whilst also conducting a life cycle analysis of its shoes to measure and quantify the environmental impact.

- Circular Economy: Virón collaborates with its Portuguese partners, to recycle shoe soles and reintegrate them into new pairs. In this regard, the BPI (Banque Publique d'Investissement) has granted a subsidy of €50,000 for the implementation of a system to recycle used shoes in a circular approach. Future R&D will focus on testing the economic viability of integrating such a circular system into the business model.

- Aesthetics: With its strong Artistic Direction and brand image, along with strategic collaborations, Virón has enjoyed significant recognition in the fashion landscape since 2020. Most vegan brands focus on a simple and commercial design - giving Virón an edge in the market as one of the very few design- and value-driven shoes, offered at an affordable price point.

3 Jobs created or secured
1 year after the fundraising
100 % raw materials derived from recycled or upcycled products on the main components of the shoe
1 year after the fundraising


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