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Tech for good

Do you want to experience an entrepreneurial adventure?

Invest in revolutionary start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs with significant growth prospects that put technological innovation at the service of the common good.

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Tech for good
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France: Le leader français de l’accompagnement à la mise en place de projets d’autoconsommation collective d’électricité.

Financial benefits

Réduction d'impôts IR 2024 50% / Plus-value potentielle

Companies selected on the basis of their growth prospects, their responsibility and their positive impact on society.
100% online, 100% transparent and 100% responsible as of 100 €
From a tax deduction coupled with any dividends and / or capital gains if you have invested in the capital of a company OR the payment of periodic interest if you lend your money to a company
In a transparent way the evolution of the company in which you have invested, directly from your account.

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  • • Understand the principles of responsible finance
  • • Determine your profitability, liquidity and security expectations
  • • Choose a company in line with your values
  • • Analyze diversification opportunities
  • • Reduce your taxes with :
    IR-SME, PEA/PME and Transfer of company

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