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Tech for good

Do you want to experience an entrepreneurial adventure?

Invest in revolutionary start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs with significant growth prospects that put technological innovation at the service of the common good.

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Tech for good
Les Ripeurs
Convertibles bonds
Fundraising goal
€ 800 000

France: The major player in the circular economy of the construction industry, which responds to the lack of ecological solutions for managing construction waste.

Financial benefits
Companies selected on the basis of their growth prospects, their responsibility and their positive impact on society.
100% online, 100% transparent and 100% responsible as of 100 €
From a tax deduction coupled with any dividends and / or capital gains if you have invested in the capital of a company OR the payment of periodic interest if you lend your money to a company
In a transparent way the evolution of the company in which you have invested, directly from your account.

Do you need any support in your investment process?

  • • Understand the principles of responsible finance
  • • Determine your profitability, liquidity and security expectations
  • • Choose a company in line with your values
  • • Analyze diversification opportunities
  • • Reduce your taxes with :
    IR-SME, PEA/PME and Transfer of company

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Invest in the transformation of polluting companies launches a new investment offer to finance the decarbonisation of the whole economy.