Raise funds with LITA.co, a European group at the service of a new ecological and social economy

LITA's mission, through the investment platform LITA.co, is to direct citizens' savings towards companies with a positive social and environmental impact in order to help shape a new entrepreneurial and societal model.

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LITA.co, European leader in participatory impact investing

Founded in 2014, LITA.co is the leading investment platform for financing companies with a high social and environmental impact. With €80M invested in 160 companies and a community of 90,000 committed citizen-investors LITA.co provides solutions for growth financing (from seed to acceleration) and upscaling, for tickets ranging from €200,000 to €5M in equity, quasi-equity and bond debt.

LITA.co commits on a long-term basis to be alongside those entrepreneurs who tackle the social and environmental challenges of our time.

Expert guidance tailored to your business

Raising funds on LITA.co means being accompanied by a team of analysts at the heart of the impact investing ecosystem and being supported by a network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. We accompany you on the long-term in your financial, strategic and impact considerations while respecting your vision and agenda.

Since our creation, we have interviewed more than 3,000 companies, analyzed more than 500 companies and structured more than 120 financing rounds.


Six areas of expertise to transform strategic sectors


Ensure the foundations of our health, improve prevention and medical monitoring for all via the development of infrastructure, medical equipment and service platforms. #e-health #medtech #inclusion #accessibility #healthfacility #QOL

Energy, industry, materials

Supporting the transition to sustainable energy and transport, supporting innovation, fighting climate change. #greentech #newmaterials #greenmobility #recycling #cleantech #reindustrialization #softmobility

Education, training and culture

Producing and distributing inclusive educational content, supporting training and enabling professional integration for all. Rethinking access to culture and information. #digitaltransition #inclusion #media #edtechs #employability #culture #insertion

Consumer goods and services

Strong brands offering sustainable consumption alternatives, with real potential for scaling up. #sustainableconsumergoods #ecodesign #reuse #retail #circulareconomy

Housing, real estate

Develop solidary real estate and inclusive housing, develop and build sustainably, revitalize medium-sized cities, villages and the countryside, and strengthen social cohesion. #responsibledevelopers #socialties #neighborhoods #rurality #sustainablerealestate

Food, agriculture

Agricultural and agri-food actors, along the entire value chain, that positively contribute to the structuring of responsible supply chains. #agroecology #shortsupplychain #local #transformation #organic #transition #sustainablefood #foodsovereignty

Our innovative financing offers

We offer customized financing offers in five major economic sectors. With LITA.co, you can raise funds from €200,000 to €5M for a term of between 3 and 8 years.

  • Vc funding

    LITA.co offers tailor-made equity financing for 5 main domains. Raisefrom €100K up to €5M for a period of 3 to 8 years.

  • Private debt

    A bonds solution to complement bank financing without diluting budgets, in order to finance growth strategy for more mature SMEs with a strong industrial anchorage or local service - relocalization of sustainable sectors (B2B and B2C).

  • Infrastructure and project financing

    Short or long term bonds financing, or convertible bonds of green energy production SPVs and responsible industrial projects.

  • Social economy

    For cooperatives or associations.

  • Real estate

    Financing in shares and/or bonds of social real estate investment companies or eco-builders.

We are on their side so they can take action

Companie Des Amandes

€ 1 000 000 Non-convertible bonds

The Compagnie des Amandes is a project to build the French almond industry. 2,000 ha of almond orchards spread over a hundred or so farms, as well as a cracking plant, will be established in the South of France.

The technical itineraries of the orchards are established according to the principles of agroecology. The financial benefits will be shared equitably between farmers, project holders and shareholders.

Fonciere Bellevilles

€ 2 000 000 Bonds

Bellevilles is a responsible real estate company that creates real estate, urban, social and ecological alternatives for the region.

As an ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale) accredited property company, Bellevilles aims to transform real estate into a socially useful tool that meets the needs and uses of everyone. that meets the needs and uses of everyone.


€ 486 530 Shares

Loom makes clothes that last longer and do less damage to the environment.

The brand wants to democratise sustainable fashion by offering the best quality-ethics-price ratio on the market.


€ 750 000 Shares

ISA develops real estate projects in the form of inclusive housing to preserve and develop social ties and combat isolation . Its first project is a shared home for people with Alzheimer's disease.


€ 1 200 000 Dry bonds

Murfy operates a network of technicians who repair large household appliances in 75% of France and soon in Europe and also offers reconditioned appliances for sale on its e-shop.

At the beginning of 2021, the company had raised nearly €10 million in equity and quasi-equity since its launch, employs nearly 130 people on permanent contracts, half of whom are technicians, and in 2020 achieved a turnover of nearly €3.5 million.

LITA.co accompanies you before, during and after the fundraising

Usually 2 to 3 weeks
LITA.co conducts an analysis of the project according to a financial and extra-financial rating system developed in-house, and submits its report to a committee of experts.
Usually 2 to 3 weeks
In the phase leading up to the actual fundraising, you can mobilize initial investment intentions from your own network, and we can raise the enthusiasm of our investors.
Usually 1 to 3 months
The fundraising phase includes the search for investors, communication advice, and follow-up of the investor community.
Usually 5 to 10 years
LITA.co takes care of the management and animation of the shareholder community, and the sending of reportings during the 5 to 10 years of the investment. One LITA.co representative ensures regular strategic monitoring.
Usually 3 to 10 years
LITA.co helps the company to organize the exit of its investors, opens its network and works on liquidity mechanisms with the company.

Any doubts?

Still not convinced? Co-investments, complex governance or involvement of LITA.co in the management of your strategy, our team is available to discuss with you the questions you may (still) have.