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In 2014, Mathieu Collos and Cyril Rheims won a competition organised by the European Commission for Sustainable Development, thanks to a clip that gives plastic caps a second life. They financed their first products through a crowdfunding campaign and in 2016 created SAS Waste Is More (WIM) to support the CLIP IT project. CLIP IT is an assembly game, certified in accordance with European standards, intended for children over 4 years old and composed of small recycled plastic clips allowing to assemble between them plastic caps of common use in 2D or 3D and compatible with LEGO toys. This construction game raises children's awareness of environmental issues while stimulating their motor skills and creativity. It is an illustration of the concept of upcycling, which consists in recycling from above, i.e. recovering materials or products and diverting their use without transformation.

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Amount collected
€ 326 050
Financial product
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