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Amount collected : 1,102,858.73 €
Amount collected
1,102,858.73 €


The job of a life assistant consists in assisting and accompanying people in situations of dependency linked to age, illness or disability on a daily basis, with the aim of ensuring that they are maintained at home through tasks such as helping with washing, dressing, meals, etc. Alenvi reinvents the home care of the elderly by considering the profession of life assistant in a new way. Alenvi's "auxiliaries of envy" are organized in communities of 12 people. The work environment is stable and fulfilling (full-time, minimum wage + 20%, training and autonomy). Mobile technologies can empower caregivers and improve the quality of monitoring and communication with families. Directly inspired by the highly successful Dutch Buurtzorg model, Alenvi's strategy therefore consists in placing life aids, a difficult and undervalued profession, at the heart of its economic model, with the aim of building employee loyalty and, indirectly, improving the quality of service for the elderly.


Alenvi humanizes the support of the elderly by valuing life support workers.

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