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Amount collected : € 313 000.00


In order to accelerate the fight against poor housing and to encourage the production and renovation of housing, the Fondation Abbé Pierre has created an investment company: Solifap. It consists of mobilising solidarity finance to increase the supply of housing for disadvantaged people and fight against poor housing. Sleeping four in the same room, showering in a room where the temperature is 6°, never being able to invite friends, is not a sustainable daily routine. Yet it is the daily life of 12 million people in France and the situation is getting progressively worse. There is now a shortage of 900,000 dwellings to house everyone with dignity and 7.5 million "thermal sieves" need to be renovated and adapted. This requires very significant investments which are difficult for associations producing integration housing. Its role is to use solidarity savings to finance the projects of associations that produce housing for the most disadvantaged or that support them in their efforts to have adapted, dignified and energy-efficient housing. Since its creation in 2014, more than 250 individuals have joined Solifap's community of shareholders and have enabled it to invest nearly 30 million euros in projects to renovate housing, support people leaving shantytowns or produce residences for people who have lived on the streets, throughout France.

Become a shareholder of Solifap by investing mainly in stone to help provide dignified housing for the most modest.

Solifap is fundraising on LITA.co


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Amount collected
€ 313 000
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