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  • Clean and affordable energy
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Action against climate change
Impact category Renewable energy
Degree of maturity
Amount collected : 177,500.00 €
Fundraising goal
300,000 €


LCEET stands for "La Compagnie Énergies et Territoires", which literally means The Territorial and Energetical Company. LCEET initiates and develops local energy production projects, transforming natural resources (sun or biomass for instance) into green energy. The company intends to give energetical autonomy to territories, helping local auto-production systems and local auto-consumption systems set up. LCEET first appraises a land and then suggests green energy production solutions compatible with the given land. They invest in the project until they receive the building permit. LCEET is an investor and a developer, thanks to its skills in green energy production and to the experts network they built.

The team leading LCEET

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7 employees

LCEET was founded by 5 people, 4 of them are involved in the activity of the company : Jean Rapenne (Development Director), Isabelle Ermessent (Project Manager), Frédéric Kaczor (Financial Manager) and Corinne Lepage (she has an important network and brings counseling). The first 3 founders mentioned are full time employees. Dominique Pennacchioni is the CEO (and an associate). Catherine Pennachioni (Executive Assistant), Nicolas Krabal (territorial project manager) and Yvse Queromain (technical manager) were recruited in 2018. Ingrid Guibey (Administrative and General Affairs Director) was recruited beginning of 2019. LCEET also relies on outsourced business managers, in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Occitanie and in Nouvelle-Aquitaine for the moment. These external resources are proximity relay points, sourcing projects, and lobbying.

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252f0ce404a380c0fedcb79692233943 Isabelle ERMESSENT Project Manager
273c3f632cf2d11976647e48055e7183 Frédéric KACZOR Financial Manager
188250623855b114019651f4ed8d0381 Corinne LEPAGE Brings counseling and network


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Economic model

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Long term impact

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7 Jobs created or secured

1 year after the fundraising

100Megawatts developped

1 year after the fundraising

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Fundraising goal
300,000 €
Min. amount.

100,000 €

Max. amount.

360,000 €

Financial product


Financial advantages

1,000.00 €


100,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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