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ÉcoMégot offers a complete, professional and local solution to both private and public actors by challenging cigarette's butts recycling and reusing. At the start of 2016, Erwin Faure realized there was no process to decontaminate and recycle cigarette's butts in France. Inspired by actions implemented overseas, ÉcoMégot developed a groundbreaking solution that connect circular economy, local employment and local recycling branches. 100% french, handmade, durable : ÉcoMégot guides all volunteers, from every sectors, in the creation of their own cigarette butts free space. The cigarette stub, that poor little rubbish part of our daily landscape has the potentiel to become an economic resource and a social actor.  This is their challenge, ready to follow ?


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4 employees, 1 trainee and 2 civic services.

While travelling in Austria, Erwin Faure, founder and CEO of ÉcoMégot, was amazed by the little cigarette's butts found in the streets compared to those found in French ones. That's the breaking point : Erwin chose to devote his entrepreneurship skills to the environmental protection.In 2018, building on its achievements, 2 partners from La Maison Pour Rebondir (entrepreneurship center) joined  ÉcoMégot. Sandrine Poilpré, executive director, made her skills available to strategy, communication and marketing. Edouard Vergé, sales director, is in charge of key accounts and branches development.

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200,000 €
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