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  • Sustainable cities and communities
Impact category SMEs & associations
Degree of maturity
Fundraising goal
500,000 €
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This section is in progress, feel free to consult the French version or contact us if you need more details.

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This section is in progress, feel free to consult the French version or contact us if you need more details.

This section is in progress, feel free to consult the French version or contact us if you need more details.

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5bc6cc893c8502e860f2def5f64a0d3e Isabelle Guiu Web and Customer Relationship Manager
F3ffbdebe6ed3ec82ba012231e1be6d2 Marjorie Routin Network Coordination Manager
7ead3b22457176a1b93e2a602830a1b3 Jean Christophe Broggini Key Account Manager
1cd7734943cc3e43529cb69020335294 Benjamin Camuset Network Development Manager
91318e8cb69b59f43fd3071dd8f9761f Céline Forestier Communication and Marketing Manager
0610c17f7804f3d943dc9b6c2c06c18b Jean Marc Lesimple Operational Manager
Aee551936af7739f502819ac37fcfab8 Rémi Flandin Administrative and Financial Director


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Economic model

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Long term impact

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24 Jobs created or secured


Financial data

Documents to download

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Regulatory information document

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Présentation de l'entrerise

Transaction conditions

Reasons to invest

Risks related to the investment

Investment product conditions

Financial product
Minimum ticket
Eligibility of the securities
Legal structure
Annual interests rate
Payment of interest
Reimbursement of capital
Rang de remboursement

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Fundraising goal
500,000 €
Min. amount.

425,000 €

Max. amount.

575,000 €

Financial product


Financial advantages

100.00 €


100,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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