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  • LGBT+
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Reduced inequality
  • Peace, justice and effective institutions
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TÊTU, a leading media for the emergence of gay identity in France for 25 years, is now committed to diversity and inclusion for the entire LGBT+ community. We owe this change to Albin Serviant, a serial entrepreneur, who bought the brand in 2018 with the aim of renewing not only its image but also its scope. Same name, new team, new content! Politics, culture, society, all subjects are addressed in order to celebrate LGBT+ culture and accompany the change of mentalities. In order to amplify its goal of becoming a global actor in the fight against discrimination, TÊTU has developped beyond the media through a diversification strategy which includes professional forums, music festivals and conferences. As a proof of this commitment, a figure from the Third Sector in France took an equity stake in TÊTU shares thus perpetuating its social and societal impact. By adopting this new multi-channel editorial line, giving more space to testimonials and fundraising topics, TÊTU increases its advocacy and representation role by reaching out to the general public while remaining dedicated to the concerns of LGBT+ people. The proof is in the personalities in one of the last issues: Christiane Taubira, Antoine Griezmann or Mika. For if France is seen as the country of human rights, it is still lagging behind when it comes to the evolution of mentalities concerning sexual orientations, transidentity and gender identities. Prejudice, violence, discrimination, a study carried out by the association SOS Homophobia shows that much remains to be done: in 2018 there was one attack every 24 hours!

The categorization of TÊTU as an IPG (political information press) allows investors to benefit from a tax exemption of 30% of the amount invested.

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The encounter between Albin Serviant, serial entrepreneur and tech investor (iBazar, Tiscali, Musiwave, mxp4...) and Romain Burrel, journalist for almost 10 years (Canal+, LCI, France 5, Les Inrockuptibles...) was a stroke of luck for TÊTU. Sitting side by side on a flight to China, when Romain announced the brand's upcoming closure, Albin immediately felt concerned. It was in mid-flight that they decided to join forces to buy TÊTU in 2018.  Albin is now its president and publishing director. A graduate of ESSEC business school, he was Executive Vice President and CEO of Vivendi Mobile Entertainment and has expertise in corporate definition and strategy. Romain Burrel has taken over the role of Managing Editor.

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39df3509298fd7e8f5eb452271a1fb55 Antoine Patinet


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