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  • Natural wine
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
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Created in 2016, Raisin is an app that references both natural winemakers and establishments alike (wine shops, restaurants and bars). Raisin defines natural wine as a wine made only with grapes and sometimes a little sulfur, made in respect of nature and people. More than 7,000 wine professionals are currently mapped in the application, spread over different geographical areas: France, United States, South Africa, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy...and more. Plus, Raisin has nearly 200,000 users to date. The start-up's ambition is to democratize knowledge of natural wine and facilitate access to it in order to stimulate its demand and therefore encourage ecologically responsible and economically viable viticulture. Natural wine is also a key indicator of bars, wine shops, and restaurants that are committed to offering seasonal, local, and often organic products. While Raisin is always free to users, the application has offered a subscription-based service to the listed establishments since September 2020. Raisin has also made a name for itself thanks to the book "100 Grands vins naturel d’émotion," sold online and to establishments recommended on the application. Raisin is soliciting citizens via for a 600K€ financing that will allow it to fund 7 hires who are dedicated to the app’s growth, development , and marketing of the brand.

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France: The #1 European consumer of pesticides.


Jacomo P.

I invested in Raisin because I believe in their work to make agriculture and winemaking sustainable, supporting the small producer, the local market, and making things correct.

Jean-Marie L.

I invested in Raisin because I like natural wine and the concept of their platform.

Vera F.

I invested in Raisin because I am natural wine lover and want to support sustainable wine making, independent winemakers, retailers and comnunity.

Alessandro B.

I invested in Raisin because I'm an active app user.

Zoe W.

I invested in Raisin because ...I care about about looking after our soil and I enjoy natural wines and the good practices they promote

Irakli T.

I invested in Raisin because I love natural wine and the application has helped me a lot many times, to find places throughout the world, where I can drink natural wine and have fun

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Amount collected
€ 515 759.58
Financial product
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