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  • Integration
  • Education
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Action against climate change
  • Partnerships to achieve goals
Impact category Social economy Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 63 050.00


Hyppy intends to contribute to the development of an active school mobility for children and to support parents by offering them a free school pick-up service by horse-drawn carriage.
At the heart of the project, the pedagogy and the protection of life are thought in an intergenerational and inclusive way through the cooperation between humans and horses in an urban environment.
The school transportation service, free of charge and part of the DNA of the cooperative, is backed up by a series of other paying services that allow the balance of a philanthropic model with income-generating activities.

After passing through the GreenLab incubator and already having many cooperators in the project, Hyppy fundraises on LITA.co. An agreement from the Region to co-finance and take part in the cooperative has been reached, but will only be deployed if Hyppy succeeds to fundraise on LITA.co.

Take advantage of 0% investment fees on Hyppy's campaign these days. Insert the following code to benefit from the reduced rate: 21HYPPY0.
NB: the follow-up of the investment and the attestations related to the tax-shelter will be done by the cooperative.

This year we go to school.. by horse!


Federico B.

I invested in Hyppy because it seems to me a great initiative for children's education

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Amount collected
€ 63 050
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