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Ener-Pacte BE
Bonds 7%

  • Rewable Energy
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar energy
  • Innovation
  • Clean and affordable energy
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production
Impact category Renewable energy Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 495 700.00


Since 2016, Ener-Pacte has been supporting non-professional photovoltaic plant owners in France in the optimal management of their plants. The activity was born out of the observation that these sites chronically underperform after the first few years of operation, combined with the emergence of risks related to obsolescence. Ener-Pacte focuses on the market of existing first generation power plants, mainly owned by farmers (more than 8,000 target plants). Thanks to its technological, legal and financial expertise, Ener-Pacte has developed a solution that enables its clients to secure the economic returns of their outdatet, under-optimised and often substandard power plants. This service, called SERENITY SECURE, is the result of several years of R&D at the National Solar Energy Institute (INES-CEA). To provide a complete offer, Ener-pacte will soon launch a new service based on the same model, but for new power plants. This SME with 35 employees currently manages more than 120 photovoltaic power plants throughout France. In a dynamic of national development and establishment in 9 new regions, Ener-Pacte is again calling on LITA investors for a second fundraising campaign in bonds, with a global fundraising target of €2 million.

Do you want to tackle the underperformance and obsolescence of our solar farms? Finance Ener-Pacte on!

Remi presents the project and answers all the questions during the Live Meeting. Hear all about it HERE.

Ener-Pacte optimises the management of photovoltaic plants.


Daniel H.

I invested in Ener-Pacte because energy is our future. We need to develop this type of project to gain autonomy.

Lore-Elène D.

I invested in Ener-Pacte because I believe that it is urgent to develop sustainable energy and that this project supports farmers who sometimes find it very difficult to make a living just from their farms.

michel h.

I invested in Ener-Pacte because I believe in the renovation of PV parks through more efficient installations.

Irene P.

I invested in Ener-Pacte because I like the project and the return is interesting. I have confidence in the solvability.

André T.

I invested in Ener-Pacte because it combines sustainability and return.

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Amount collected
€ 495 700
Financial product
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