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Founded in 2020 as part of the technology transfer of a CNRS patent via SATT Linksium, FunCell is a deeptech company that develops non-toxic bio-based additives to make the paper industry more sustainable and reduce the use of plastic. Their patented technology, called BioWet, improves the properties of paper, particularly its resistance in both dry and wet states. Winner of the i-PhD in 2019 and grand prize winner of the I-Lab 2020 innovation competition (among the 10 finalists selected out of +450 applications), FunCell is also extending its research to the development of other paper additives, named BioWet+ and BioGraft, which bring new properties to paper (hydrophobic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, etc.). The company's research work is patented in a joint laboratory with the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and aims to find alternatives to single-use plastic in a biodegradable and recyclable approach. The company is currently in the process of scaling up to an industrial scale and is targeting the European packaging market and the toilet paper market, with key international industrial pilots already completed or secured to support its development. In order to pursue its industrialization, FunCell is carrying out a first capital increase of €2 million, including €400K from public savings via LITA.co. The funds will be used for the industrialization and marketing of BioWet, as well as to continue R&D work to improve processes, study possible applications and develop new products, such as BioGraft.

FunCell est une société innovante isèroise en levée de fonds sur LITA.co.

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€ 2 323 100
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