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TOLV (ex Phoenix Mobility)

  • Circular economy
  • Retrofit
  • Transport
  • Clean mobility
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Action against climate change
Impact category Tech for good Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 3 519 400.00


Since 2019, TOLV has been the benchmark player in the electrification of professional and public fleets through retrofit solutions for commercial vehicles. A Mission company, TOLV is responding to a major challenge: reducing emissions from the transport sector, which is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, i.e. over 120 million tonnes of CO2 emitted per year. With the introduction of Low Emission Zones in Europe (including 45 in France by 2025), it is estimated that 40% of the vehicle fleet will become obsolete. In this context, retrofitting - the conversion of existing thermal vehicles into 100% electric vehicles - is the most practical, economical and sustainable solution, thanks to the reuse of existing resources. Specializing in the design of standardized, modular electric powertrains, the Grenoble-based company supports companies and local authorities in the decarbonization of their fleets. The company was the first to obtain full approval for a retrofit kit for mass-market commercial vehicles (i.e. the Renault Trafic), and in 2022 announced a strategic partnership with Renault Group for the co-design and marketing of a kit adapted to the Renault Master. Implanted in the heart of Isère since its beginnings, the company now has 28 employees on two sites. After a 1st capital increase of €2 million in 2021, the company is now looking to raise €7 million, broken down into shares (€4 million) and bank debt, including €1 million via, alongside investment funds such as Shift4Good and Amundi. This new financing round will enable TOLV to accelerate its commercial development, roll out its operating model and invest in production infrastructure and R&D projects.

Invest in the TOLV solution and contribute to the ecological transition of the transport sector in France and soon in Europe, thanks to the electrification of polluting vehicles.

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5 co-founders, 28 employees

TOLV is a French company founded in 2019 by five partners with complementary skills (engineering, finance and business). The CEO, Wadie MAANINOU, has an engineering background specializing in energy and electricity (graduate of Grenoble INP-ENSE3), as do Filip GARDLER, Sylvain DEPLACE and Raphaël HECHES. Filip is director and manages partnerships. Sylvain is Technical Design Director, responsible in particular for kit development and standardization, while Raphaël is Technical Production Director, responsible for retrofitted vehicle production and industrialization. Antoine DESFERET, the COO, comes from a political science background (Masters in Public Affairs from Sciences Po Lille) and manages the sales and marketing team. Since 2019, they have recruited around thirty new employees to support and strengthen the company's growth, and have quickly surrounded themselves with a mixed team of experienced managers (several decades of experience with car manufacturers, as well as Schneider Electric, Symbio - Michelin, Mazars).

Wadie Maaninou
Co-founder & CEO
Filip Gardler
Co-founder & COO
Sylvain Deplace
Co-fondateur & CTO
Raphaël Heches
Co-fondateur & Directeur de la Production
Antoine Desferet
Co-founder & CRO


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Long term impact

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40 Jobs created or secured
At 1 year after fundraising
34 retrofitted vehicles
At 1 year after fundraising

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Fundraising goal
€ 3 400 000
Min. goal
€ 3 200 000
Max. goal
€ 4 000 000
Financial product
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Tax benefit
€ 300.00
€ 300 000.00
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