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  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Action against climate change
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As part of the "Transformation" investment offer on, dedicated to finance companies in their transition to low carbon models, we're inviting you to invest in REALITES.The REALITES group is a medium-sized company specialised in the development of real estate projects and services. Since its creation in Nantes in 2003, the Group has experienced strong growth with a turnover that has more than quadrupled between 2016 and 2022 (€364 million). From its beginnings as a residential real estate developer, REALITES has gradually structured itself around two main divisions: project management, its historic core business, and property management. The Group's historic core business and is carried out on all types of property assets: collective and individual housing, offices, shops, etc. The Group operates on all types of real estate assets (collective and individual residential, offices, shops) and also offers operating services that meet local needs: support for seniors losing their independence with the Heurus residences, meeting the growing need for medical infrastructure with the VISTA SANTÉ hubs, access to quality housing for students with the Capétudes residences,... Having become a mission-driven company in January 2021, REALITES has chosen to take the turn towards carbon transition and actively fight against global warming by committing to reduce the carbon intensity of its activities by -41% by 2031 compared to the 2020 level. Thanks to a complete carbon assessment of its activities carried out in 2020 with the support of Carbone 4, REALITES has been able to draw up a carbon reduction trajectory that is more ambitious than the regulations.

After raising over 3.5 M€ last year via from +1300 French and Belgian citizens, REALITES has surpassed its impact targets in 2022. It's back for another round of green bonds with an impact premium, as part of its ongoing transformation plan.

Support REALITES' transformation and contribute to the progressive decarbonisation of one of the most CO2 emitting industries. 

REALITES' fundraising ends on Sunday 31 December 2023.

REALITES takes the turn of the carbon transition with!

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Alain R.

I invested in REALITES BE because I believe that this company responds better than anyone else to a real need that is widespread throughout Europe, and I hope that its development will lead to other similar creations.

Stéphane D.

I have invested in REALITES BE because the decarbonisation of our economy must be supported and encouraged.

Benoit P.

I invested in REALITES BE because the transparency with regard to carbon reduction is extremely detailed and transparent. The project is ambitious and this is exactly the kind of initiative we need to aim for carbon neutrality in 2050.

Cédric D.

I invested in REALITES BE because I appreciate : - the risk-taking and commitment to transition in a high-impact sector, with an awareness of the need for in-depth, participative work to spread the change of mindset to the very heart of the building trade; - a comprehensive strategy, with regional offices and a broad range of services (from construction to building management), etc. ; - transparency and the guarantee of being supported by a well-known, reliable organisation.

Guy M.

I invested in REALITES BE because we need to support initiatives like this, which are vital for the climate.

André T.

I invested in REALITES BE because I believe that decarbonisation can be achieved significantly by improving buildings, which means using less fossil fuels.

benoit l.

I invested in REALITES BE because I want to be part of their transition to more sustainable construction.


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Amount collected
€ 393 600
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Green bonds
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