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Founded in 2011 by Guillaume Le Grand and Diana Mesa, TOWT (TransOceanic Wind Transport) aims to massively reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport by developing sail cargo ships powered primarily by wind. The premise is simple: offshore wind is abundant, reliable and predictable, renewable and free, and sailing is the means to transform this propulsive energy as a driving force for large quantities of goods over long distances.

TOWT has been transporting non-perishable organic, natural and fair trade products on board existing ships on transatlantic and European routes for 10 years. To transition to industrial scale, the company completed a first major round of financing of €43 million in 2022, raised with investors (€4.5 million in convertible bonds), maritime players and banks.

This fundraising financed the construction of the first two cargo sailing ships. The first ship was launched at the end of July and recently arrived in the port of Concarneau. It will carry goods from February 2024 on. With more than €400 million of contracts signed over 10 years and multiple letters of intent from a wide range of customers, commercial traction remains high. This is why TOWT is aiming to raise another €120 million to build six new ships. The community is invited to participate in this new round of financing, for an amount of €5 million in bonds (in France and Belgium).

Get on board of theTOWT ships with by investing in the shipping company and change sea transport!

TOWT, back on!

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Simon C.

I invested in TOWT because I am convinced of the relevance of the project in the context of ecological transition, the seriousness of the company's structure, and the competence of its leaders. Financially, it's a huge challenge. But we believe in it.

Wannes B.

I invested in TOWT because there is finally a platform that allows investments in something I believe in.

Hélène L.

I invested in TOWT because it is important to promote decarbonized, environmentally friendly, and marine species-friendly modes of transportation.

Christophe M.

I invested in TOWT because the project looks solid and is expected to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and other chemical and noise pollution caused by maritime transport.

Rémi R.

I invested in TOWT because the project fully meets my investment criteria and brings a very interesting added value, both environmentally and in a sector struggling to go green.

Gerda V.

I invested in TOWT because I find the idea of cargo transport by wind power fantastic.

Wim S.

I invested in TOWT because I believe the company will become profitable by effectively contributing to a CO2-neutral maritime transport sector.

Maël D.

I invested in TOWT because it is important for me to invest my savings in projects that align with my values.


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Amount collected
€ 500 000
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