Clean Water Global

  • Water protection
  • Plastic pollution
  • Circular Economy
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Action against climate change
  • Aquatic life
Impact category Agriculture & Industries Degree of maturity Seed
Amount collected : € 168 800.00



Astonished by the water pollution in his painting company and after experiencing health issues caused by paint, Timmy Bours decided to bring change to the industry and founded Clean Water Global ("CWG") in May 2022.

After a decade of experience as a professional painter, the entrepreneur faced a severe environmental issue as there were no effective solutions for treating polluted paint rinse water.

Following 2 years of private funding and R&D efforts, a fully operational filtration processing machine was developed, leading to the establishment of Clean Water Global. The company provides a comprehensive service for cleaning painting equipment and purifying rinse water contaminated by paint. Through their logistical network and decentralized collection points, CWG recovers the painting materials and the polluted water. At their facility, an innovative filtration process is carried out, extracting reusable raw materials and purifying the water.

In just one year, CWG has already purified 40,000 liters of water, recovered 6.2 tonnes of raw materials, established 18 collection points, and persuaded 80 painters to use their services.

To further promote its growth, Clean Water Global is seeking €500,000. This fundraising, led by and private investors, is intended for the purchase and leasing of machines, construction of a processing unit in the Netherlands, expansion of the sales team, CRM, and working capital. Five BA's confirmed their intention to invest 116 000€. 

Invest in the development of Clean Water Global and benefit from the Tax Shelter 45% in 2023! The fundraising starts on Monday 4/12 and closes on 10/12/2023.

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Daniel H.

I invested in Clean Water Global because it's high time we cleaned up our wastewater before dumping it back into nature.

Antoine B.

I invested in Clean Water Global because I believe in recycling and, above all, in preserving the environment for a better future.

Jacques M.

I invested in Clean Water Global because I think paint decontamination is very important, and this is the first time I've seen a company tackling it.

Patrick S.

I invested in Clean Water Global because I want to encourage companies that are working to reduce pollution in the oceans.

Marie D.

I invested in Clean Water Global because... the issue of water is essential for all living things! We need to pollute less, consume less pure water and pay more attention to this precious element! Congratulations on this initiative!


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Amount collected
€ 168 800
Financial product
Shares - Tax Shelter
Investing in unlisted companies carries the risk of losing all the money invested.