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Eco-Tech Ceram


  • Clean and affordable energy
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Action against climate change
Impact category Renewable energy
Degree of maturity
Amount collected : 166,300.00 €
Fundraising goal
400,000 €
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Winner of the World Innovation Competition, Eco-Tech Ceram (ETC) is an engineering company,  recognized for its work in the energy efficiency and circular economy fields. ETC offers a heat storage solution, the Eco-Stock®, which makes it possible to recover and capture in a cost-effective way the heat lost in the fumes of industrial furnaces. By reusing this heat, companies can cut energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions: the best energy is the one you don't burn off! To succesfully market a profitable industrial solution for these yet unexploited heat sources, they first drew inspiration from the best available techniques (glass and steel industry) and then added 5 years of work, physical and economic common sense and nearly €4 million in budget. Eco-Tech Ceram benefits from numerous academic (CNRS, Mines, UPVD), institutional (ADEME, Bpifrance, PEXE, Europe, Bertrand Piccard's World alliance) and industrial (ArcelorMittal) supports.

To accelerate the commercial deployment of Eco-Stock® and promote energy efficiency, contribute to the 3rd participatory fund raising of ETC's history, this time it's on

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12 employees including the founder

Since 2014, Antoine Meffre, President and founder of ETC, has brought together an experience and diversified team of 11 people divided in four divisions: commercial development, R&D, industrial production and administrative & financial administration. Recruitment criterias were based on scientific excellence (doctors and engineers), commercial experience (business developers), rigour (project portfolio management > €4 million), and above all environmental motivation, responsiveness and adaptation skills.

15e3ef3674d4c6995e3e52d71c9d3d95 Antoine Meffre Founder & CEO
0175f4c46dd960856593fc55bb516782 Doriane Tanguy Administrative, Financial and HR Manager
B8112db043b2dc0da8913ba8e111403e Davy Bruyere Industrial Manager
270524627a35d9a29a02cc5125411e5e Pascal Isambert Commercial Manager
67acd18a7980ab1725c5c7144cab107e Guilhem Dejean R&D Manager


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3 Jobs created or secured

One year after the campaign

6000tons of curbed CO2 equivalent

One year after the campaign

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Fundraising goal
400,000 €
Min. amount.

300,000 €

Max. amount.

400,000 €

Financial product


Financial benefits

500.00 €


300,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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