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What do we know about our environmental impact when we go to restaurants? It is this question and lack of transparency that motivated the creation of the Ecotable project, launched in January 2019 by a trio committed to ecology. A key player in the ecological transition of restaurants and a label for sustainable catering, the company has a dual ambition. It seeks both to enable French people to choose restaurants on the basis of environmental and health criteria, and also to help restaurant owners to adopt eco-responsible practices. To achieve this, Écotable has put in place several tools to help them manage their environmental impact: a detailed audit of restaurant practices, but also by networking in a responsible ecosystem, from fork to fork. To date, around a hundred restaurants throughout France have joined the approach. The most ecologically virtuous restaurants can be identified on the website. The project is now beginning a fundraising campaign to deploy its tools on a large scale to offer them to the entire out-of-home catering sector. In particular, it will finance the recruitment of a team (tech, sales and support) that will support the development of a platform within which all the company's solutions will coexist. The platform will enable each restaurant owner to measure the degree of eco-responsibility of his or her establishment independently.

Take part in the ecological food transition, at the out-of-home restaurant level, by investing now in Écotable!

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