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  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity Start-up
Amount collected : € 177 000.00




The COVID crisis and the subsequent increase in remote work have significantly impacted the operations of Bambino restaurants, which were compelled to enter into a judicial corporate reorganization procedure in 2023. The procedure resulted in an 80% reduction of the debt and repayment of the remaining 20% plus interest according to a specific schedule. The repayment is now proceeding as planned.

Bambino is a sustainable canteen that offers its services throughout the day and evening in office buildings decorated by Belgian designers. Bambino (SRL Jaqal) is a committed restaurant company, with the Good Food label, which offers healthy food from Belgian and ecoresponsible sources. A catering offer is also available and a new offer is being implemented: fridges to be installed in client companies with Bambino meals and snacks brought daily from the central workshop.

Its main partner for the moment, the Silversquare coworking spaces, has already allowed it to open 2 restaurants. Two new locations are planned for September 2021 and 3 more during 2022.

Do you want to co-finance a chain of sustainable canteens and benefit from 7% interest, with a capital repaid in 6 years? That's what Bambino offers you!

Listen to Julien and Quentin's pitch HERE.

An proficient and ambitious team

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Amount collected
€ 177 000
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